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HCTC’s Technology Solutions does it all

Computer, network and Wi-Fi issues can plague even the most tech savvy among us, but HCTC’s Technology Solutions can help. And, you don’t have to be an HCTC customer to benefit.

Technology Solutions is another service that HCTC began offering about eight years ago. Services include everything from basic computer fixes to installing and monitoring comprehensive network solutions, security and surveillance equipment, as well as data backup for businesses of all sizes.


Technology Solutions began as a way for HCTC to diversify, says Randy Henckel, manager of eld operations and business services. “HCTC acquired a locally- owned, two person computer repair business,” he says. “We started out with the name iFix.”

In the early days of the operation, the focus was on repairing computers, installing routers
for small businesses, and other basics. en HCTC added personnel certified in various technologies and experienced in systems integration. “We started layering on staff and skill sets,” Henckel says. “Over time, we were able to build up to where we could handle just about any IT design, implementation or maintenance scenario you could come up with.” The team has completed large- scale wireless deployments, and they’ve set up security alarm systems for large businesses and school systems, he says. But anyone can bring a computer into the team’s location
in Kerrville for data transfers, hardware replacement, system cleanup, performance tuneups and more. Most projects can be done on a at-rate basis. HCTC can also dispatch employees to work on small business systems for cooperative members as well as nonmembers.


The Technology Solutions department is an important asset for HCTC because it serves customers in a way that many tele-communications cooperatives and companies simply cannot. “We provide a service on
a scale that exceeds typical computer repair and technology shops,” Henckel says. “It’s exciting that we can do that. When our customers have a problem, we can respond quickly. We
have a very sophisticated and experienced staff, so resolution is generally received within a short period of time.” Performance and responsiveness is a point of pride for HCTC. “It’s just very exciting for us to be able to provide that type of service to our customer base,” he says.


Need a computer repair, tuneup or system clean-up? Or maybe your company or organization needs help with a larger network project? Check out HCTC’s Technology Solutions. For more information call 800.292.5457 or visit us at