Broadband Now Awards HCTC Top Honor

HCTC was awarded the 2019 “Top Internet Speeds in Texas” within the small provider category by BroadbandNow. The purpose of the BroadbandNow provider awards program is to grant awards to internet providers who display operational excellence across a range of categories. BroadbandNow uses extensive marketwide datasets, which include information collected from consumers, ISPs, the FCC, NTIA and more.

“We are honored to have been recognized by BroadbandNow for our operational excellence and infrastructure, which allows us to provide the top internet speeds to rural Texas,” says HCTC Chief Executive Officer Craig Cook. “As we’ve continued to grow our footprint via high-speed fiber, smaller towns across Texas are now able to compete at speeds equivalent to those offered in large metropolitan areas. We’re thrilled to have been recognized for our work.”