Celebrate Rural Health on November 21, 2019

November 21, 2019 - National Rural Health Day

Despite the challenges of serving rural America, health care professionals are delivering quality care, embracing technology and finding creative ways to encourage wellness among their rural patients. On Nov. 21, rural health offices will honor these providers — along with the partners and communities who support them — by sponsoring National Rural Health Day.

How can you celebrate National Rural Health Day?

Find free, downloadable resources for many of the activities below by visiting www.powerofrural.org/nrhd-tookit.


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PARENTS: Prepare a healthy meal for dinner, and talk with your kids about the blessings — and the challenges — of living in rural America. Mention the health care providers who service your rural community.
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PATIENTS: Write a note to your health care team, thanking them for their help and their commitment to serving a rural population.
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PHYSICIANS: Display National Rural Health Day posters in your office. Provide a staff appreciation lunch. Visit www.WalkWithADoc.org and consider starting this fun, active outreach in your community.
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FACEBOOK USERS: Share a story about your doctor, a nurse or other health care provider who has made a positive impact on your life.
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TEACHERS: Give your students coloring book pages. Sponsor a rural health-themed poster contest. Invite physicians or nurses from local hospitals and clinics to speak to students.
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BROADBAND USERS: Search for health information over your broadband connection. Ask your physician if there are telehealth resources that could help you maintain or improve your health.
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SMALL BUSINESSES: Show appreciation to your local rural health professionals by providing them with discounts or special offers.
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YOU!: Make healthy eating choices. Take a walk. Avoid tobacco products. Schedule an appointment to have your cholesterol and blood pressure checked.

Share your experiences across social media using the hashtags #powerofrural and #nationalruralhealthday.