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About HCTC’s Texas Data Center

HCTC strives to continuously enhance, improve, and maintain broadband and telecommunications services at the highest level. The Texas Hill Country continues to grow, and the needs of our customers continue to evolve. At HCTC, we have embarked on a mission to make broadband available throughout our service area. We realize the importance of broadband availability and its direct contribution to rural economic development, education, healthcare, and public safety. The future of telecommunications is unfolding, and HCTC is here to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, today and into the future.

At HCTC, we recognize that your business relies on communications and information to always be readily available. Therefore, we have built a state-of-the-art data center with enhanced security features, backup power, and diverse fiber routes for redundancy. We offer co-location space and power, data storage, and virtual servers.

Locating customer equipment in our highly secured data center, conveniently located in Ingram, Texas, involves HCTC furnishing the rack space, electrical power, and high-speed links to the Internet. Via a dedicated circuit, we can directly link to our customers’ main site for a web, Email, or application server, or link to any other associated networking equipment. Co-location in HCTC’s data center eliminates the need for our customers to build individual, safe, secure facilities that provide power, air conditioning, and a secure, clean environment for any company-owned equipment relevant for disaster recovery, business continuity, or convenient teleworking purposes.

Any business or institution that is looking for disaster recovery, off-site storage of critical data, a data center of your own, or servers to run your software is an ideal candidate for HCTC’s Data Center Services.


HCTC Data Center

Data Center

The data center is secured with a fence, 24-hour camera surveillance, controlled entry via keycard, and escorted access to the facility.

The building is fitted with lightning arresters to mitigate damage from lightning storms and is constructed to withstand hurricane-strength winds.

Back Up Power

A 250kW Cummins Diesel Powered Generator is at the heart of the backup power solution offered by HCTC. When the system recognizes a loss of commercial power, this generator is automatically started and power is transferred resulting in zero downtime.

HCTC Data Center

HCTC Data Center Racks

Cooling System

The data center pods are equipped with computer controlled 10kW cooling systems with integrated monitoring. The system provides temperature monitoring and adapts its cooling output to rectify fluctuations in temperature.

Fire Suppression

The state-of-the-art fire suppression system utilizes FM-200, an advanced fire suppressing agent, which provides damage free recovery of the data center in the event of a fire. The system automatically senses when a fire starts, warns anyone inside with an alarm before it initiates the process of extinguishing the fire through chemical and physical mechanisms without effecting the available oxygen.

HCTC Data Center

HCTC Data Center

Data Center Pods

The data center is equipped with 14 APC NetShelter enclosures capable of fulfilling your requirements with 42RU and 20RU options. Our facility has 24/7 surveillance monitoring with APC StruxureWare software and NetBotz components.

HCTC Data Center

HCTC and our data center experts can help your business to:

files and electronic copies
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customer information
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data backup protocols
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safe data, disaster recovery, or redundant storage plans
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records for legal and regulatory compliance
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risk from loss of records
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