HCTC salutes rural volunteer fire departments

HCTC recognizes that for many rural communities, the local volunteer fire departments provide the first line of defense. Volunteer firefighters are local people willing to drop their own work to help a neighbor or a family member the second their radio goes off. They even put in hours of volunteer training so they can provide the best assistance possible to their community.

In the state of Texas, volunteer fire departments make up about 76 percent of the fire department services. These local fire departments are significantly dependent on monies received from local fundraisers and donations. Faced with required training and expensive equipment, medical supplies, vehicle fuel and repairs, and even insurance, HCTC recognizes the financial challenges our rural volunteer fire departments are faced with each year.

Simply put, HCTC knows that members of our local rural volunteer departments represent the line between life and death in our rural communities, ready to serve 24/7 for the safety of our family, friends and neighbors. HCTC is honored to annually support 25 community volunteer fire departments within our service territory.

HCTC salutes our first responders and local volunteer fire departments. Thank you for your dedication and relentless service to our communities!