HCTC Signs Onto the FCC’s “Keep Americans Connected Pledge”

INGRAM, TX – March 19, 2020 – HCTC, headquartered in Ingram, Texas, announced today that they signed onto the FCC’s pledge to “Keep Americans Connected” during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Last week, the FCC issued a press release detailing its efforts to ensure that during the current pandemic, Americans who are affected will not lose access to their broadband or telephone connectivity. The FCC has termed this effort as the “Keep Americans Connected Pledge.”

“Within 24 hours of the FCC’s outreach to the industry seeking support for this effort, HCTC signed onto the pledge and was listed in the FCC’s press release, along with a number of companies from across the nation supporting the measure, including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and a number of other smaller regional providers,” states Craig Cook, Chief Executive Officer of HCTC.

As part of this pledge, HCTC has agreed that for the next 60 days they will:

  1. not terminate service to any residential or small business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic;
  2. waive any late fees that any residential or small business customers incur because of their economic circumstances related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic; and
  3. open its Wi-Fi hotspots to any American who needs them.

“While HCTC’s primary concern remains the health and safety of our employees and customers, we are doing our part to ensure continuity of service so that our customers can rely on remaining connected with family and friends as we all go through these uncharted waters together,” states Cook. “We appreciate the continued support of the cooperative and our customers during these uncertain times.”

About HCTC
Headquartered in Ingram, Texas, HCTC was established in February of 1951 as a telephone cooperative dedicated to serving the telecommunications needs of residents in rural central Texas. Through the years, HCTC has evolved as the preferred provider for fiber Internet, telephone, security, data storage, and business technology solutions for both residential and business customers. HCTC currently serves almost 12,000 customers across 15 counties, spanning nearly 3,000 square miles. Further information may be found online here. Additional information about HCTC is available via our YouTube channel.