Program Helps Small Telcos with Cybersecurity

NTCA: The Rural Broadband Association - Rural ConnectionsOur lives are impacted in countless ways by broadband internet access. With such connectivity, however, comes threats that must be guarded against, including cyber-attacks targeting network operators. Local, community-based providers such as your telco do a great job protecting against cyber-attacks, despite not having the resources of the big, nationwide companies.

But there is more we can do, and NTCA is excited to work with our members and the Department of Homeland Security
on the Cyber-Threat Information Sharing Forum for Small Network Operators. While there are other programs for sharing cyber-threat information, these generally do not meet the unique needs of small telcos. Our pilot program provides a trusted environment for small network operators to share information about cyber-threats, vulnerabilities, best practices and mitigation activities. Further, it is bolstered by connections to network defenders across the globe, including federal resources.

During this summer’s pilot phase, participants exchanged information via a variety of online platforms, participated in weekly virtual meetings to share cyber intelligence and heard from guest speakers. They also collaborated with their peers and received daily open-source and weekly technical reports created by NTCA’s pilot support team.

This is yet another example of how local telcos like yours all across America are working together to ensure you have the best broadband experience possible in today’s connected world.