Cell phones are convenient, but nothing compares to the 99.9% reliability of a landline home phone from HCTC. Unlike a cell phone, a home phone doesn’t fall victim to dead batteries, severe weather, or forgetting the charging cable. Plus, it provides the security of an accurate 911 emergency location, which makes it the right choice for homes and businesses with children, teens, or seniors present.

As a home-grown provider for Texas Hill Country phone service, HCTC has been providing the most reliable service to the region since 1951. Learn more about why HCTC is the landline provider of choice for Smart Rural Communities.

Safely Unplug

As fellow residents of the Texas Hill Country and rural, Central Texas, we understand that part of the appeal of living in this beautiful region is to reconnect with nature and the people with whom we’re sharing space. With a landline to offer, you can encourage family and guests to put the mobile devices away and be fully present. Disconnect from the outside world, put up your feet, and watch the sunset – without notifications to interrupt the peace. Take “Do Not Disturb” to another level.

What you can expect from HCTC home phone service

Home landline service from HCTC offers plans that include unlimited local and long-distance minutes to all 50 states and the U.S. Territories (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands-Saipan, and Guam).

What does HCTC home phone service mean for your family? Clear conversations and no worrying about dropped calls or reception issues.