Retail sales consultant connects with customers

Anthony Robbins arrived at HCTC nearly four years ago with a sales background and a penchant for fixing most anything.

Now, he’s combining those two things as a retail sales consultant with HCTC, putting local customers together with the services that are best for them. “It’s about helping people find solutions for what they need,” Robbins says.

Those needs are constantly evolving, he says. HCTC is evolving, too, with high-speed fiber internet, security systems, home and business telephone, computer repair, and IT solutions as part of its service and product lineup.

“I usually inquire about what the customer is using our services for, and that gives me an idea of what products are going to be best for them,” Robbins says. “I’ve learned that most people are starting to use the internet more and more for different reasons. People are doing a lot more streaming online and need internet connectivity that requires higher bandwidths.”

Most internet customers want faster speeds, a need Robbins, an avid video gamer, understands. Though he plays a variety of PC-based games, he knows online speeds are essential to online-based gaming. “Online gaming doesn’t take that much bandwidth, surprisingly,” Robbins says. “It’s about speed and depends on the ‘ping’ that communicates back and forth between players. A faster ping means an online game runs smoother.”

While he enjoys video games, Robbins, 28, says some of his other interests, such as woodworking, are more artisan in nature. “I’ve got my workshop, and I’ve got my tools,” he says. “I’ve got every- thing I need to get started, I just need to get in there and organize it. I tend to take on too many projects at one time, and I get more started than I get completed.”
He says he wants to start some small woodworking projects at first and see if they sell locally at swap meets and other outlets. “My parents were homeowners, so I learned how to work on things growing up,” Robbins says.

Robbins, a 2010 graduate of Tivy High School in Kerrville, came to HCTC from a “do-it-all” position at an office supply chain. While there, he also met his wife, Joy, whom he married in 2017. The two were co-workers. “We met in February 2015, and we became friends working there. Both of us were leaving at about the same time, and that’s about the time our relationship took off,” he says.

He says he is part of a great team at home and at HCTC, where the retail sales department works cohesively with other departments and employees throughout the cooperative.

“We’ve got a great team of people over here,” Robbins says. “Everyone is really knowledgeable and always helpful when there’s something someone needs to know how to do. And it’s not just the retail sales department. It’s across the whole company. If you have a question, you can usually find someone who can get the answer.”