Reward Offer: Scam Alert

Computer with Scam Alert on screen

HCTC is aware that some members may have recently received notification of a reward offer appearing to come from HCTC. Please note that this advertisement is not from HCTC.

Such notifications may be emailed directly to you or may “pop up” when you are web browsing. Please remember that HCTC will not solicit or request information using internet pop-ups or website advertisements.

Additionally, HCTC will not use pop-ups or website ads to inform its members that they have been selected to win a prize or ask them to participate in a drawing for a prize. Please be aware of notices falsely claiming to originate from HCTC. If you have any questions or concerns about such advertising scams, please contact us at 800-292-5457. Ask to speak to a member of our information technology department.