Stay Safe This Spring

Along with longer days, warmer weather and blossoming flowers, spring often also brings severe weather — including lightning, strong winds and hail. Here are a few tips for protecting your loved ones and your home.


  • During a storm, using electronics plugged into your home’s electrical system can be dangerous. Charge all phones or other communications devices before inclement weather occurs.
  • Purchase lightning rods, surge protectors or lightning protection systems to safeguard home electronics or appliances.
  • Identify safe areas in your home, workplaces or other areas you frequent and discuss emergency plans with your families.
  • Consider using a weather app or weather radio, or sign up for emergency notifications through emails, phone calls or texts.


  • Continue to monitor weather reports and stay away from doors and windows. Seek shelter in safe areas in case a severe thunderstorm approaches.
  • Do not use landline phones, running water or other electronics. Lightning can travel through phone lines and plumbing.
  • Unplug appliances and electronics.
  • Do not drive on flooded roadways.


  • Stay at least 35 feet away from downed utility lines and report any fallen lines to authorities. Avoid items such as a fence, car or tree in contact with a downed power line.
  • Monitor weather apps and local media for reports of weather-related

Sources: The Electrical Safety Foundation International and the Department of Homeland Security.