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Telephone Network

Deregulation brought many changes in the telecommunication industry, making it important to define where the “interface” or “demarcation point” between telephone company and customer lies, and what portions of the service are each party’s responsibility.

The Network Interface Device (NID), the small box mounted on your home or business, is an easily-noted physical interface point for connections from the company-owned telephone network to provide dial tone and other services to that location.

The local telephone company, in this case HCTC, installs the Network Interface Device (NID) on your premise and will maintain service to this point. You, the customer, are responsible for installing your telephone equipment and connecting the telephone wires inside your home or business to the Network Interface Device (NID). If you do not wish to install your own equipment or lines, you may contract with the local telephone company or with an independent communications contractor to install the equipment for you.

Inside Wire Maintenance

Worry-free maintenance of your home’s internal standard telephone wire and outlets is just a phone call away. When you subscribe to HCTC’s Inside Wire Maintenance Program, we’ll repair or replace any faulty interior wiring or outlet. The monthly rate is just $2.95 for the peace of mind to know you’re covered.

ISW Application

Internet Help

HCTC offers technical support for both residential and business customers. This support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just call us at 888-638-4282 for help with questions about your service.
For satellite-based Internet services, please call us at 888-886-6861.

Modem Maintenance

Has the manufacturer warranty expired on your Internet modem? No problem. Protect HCTC will cover repairs or replacement of your Internet modem and line filters for only $6.95. We’ll also cover your inside telephone wiring with our Inside Wire Maintenance Plan at no extra charge.
ISW Application
** Some restrictions apply.

Satellite Help

Support for our HCTC satellite Internet is available by calling 888-886-6861.

iOS Email Setup

Android Email Setup

E-mail Support

Support number: (888) 638-4282

HCTC.NET Mail Server Settings


POP3 Server Settings

Incoming mail server or POP3 server:
POP port number: 110
Outgoing mail server or SMTP server:
SMTP port number: 587
POP username: your email address (without the
POP password: your password

IMAP Server Settings

Incoming mail server or IMAP server:
IMAP port number: 993
Outgoing mail server or SMTP server:
Authentication: Password
SMTP port number: 587
IMAP username: your email address (without the
IMAP password: your password 

Lunch & Learn

When: First Wednesday of each month from noon – 1pm.
Where: HCTC Community Room
220 Carolyn
Ingram, TX 78025
Whats Provided: Come enjoy lunch on us and learn about a variety of topics.

Upcoming Topics

Lunch & Learn is currently canceled. Please follow our Facebook page for updates. Check out our new podcast here!