Tech-spertise: HCTC Technology Expert

Keeping up with the latest in technology can be frustrating. Luckily, HCTC has Systems Administrator Kris LeMeilleur to help figure all that out.

“Primarily, I help our employees with their technology needs,” says LeMeilleur, who has worked at HCTC for about seven years. “From computers to servers and smartphones to tablets, our company requires a wide variety of updates, repairs, modifications and education to keep things running smoothly.”

Whether he’s fixing a problem or preventing one, LeMeilleur, 33, is a force behind the technological inner workings of HCTC. He often works on a solution to a problem or tries to make things easier, faster or better for the cooperative’s employees and customers.


Computer work comes naturally to LeMeilleur, who has been fascinated by the machines since age 4.

“I would watch over my dad’s shoulder as he worked on the computer,” he says. “As I got older, I liked to play around with them. The internet was a cheap and easy way for me to learn new things, including computer programming.”


LeMeilleur still finds learning about technology exciting. In his spare time, he enjoys designing and programming Android apps for his own use, building board games online and playing computer games that involve strategy and knowledge.

“I once made a note-taking app that was specially tailored to let me take notes while simultaneously recording Bible Scriptures,” he says. “I hadn’t planned on designing the app, but what I needed just didn’t exist. I couldn’t find anything like it, so I made it.”

Playing around with programming is a little like building with Legos, he says. “You pull the blocks out and put them together, and you end up with something really cool,” he says. “It’s a lot of fun, and it’s satisfying. Then you can tear it down and see what else you can make with it.”

His app designs and computer programming, however, are just hobbies, he says. His real joy comes from learning and helping others.

“I like helping people, and I love when I can fix a problem permanently that’s been a burden to someone,” he says. “It’s a rewarding experience to hear how much time, money or energy it has saved them. That’s what technology has always been about.”