Thank you for an opportunity to serve

Greetings, cooperative family! It has been one of the great pleasures of my career to serve as your chief operations officer. As I look ahead to my new role as your CEO, I am excited about the opportunities awaiting our cooperative. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to our recently retired CEO, Alan Link.

On behalf of the employees of HCTC, I would like to express our appreciation of Alan’s countless contributions. During his tenure, and thanks to the support of your board of directors, the cooperative embarked on a strategy of aggressive investments to deploy fiber optics throughout our regulated network, greatly increasing the availability of high-speed broadband services to even our most remote members.

Likewise, investments were made in our deregulated territories, such as our expansion into new areas of Kerrville, Fredericksburg and Stonewall. Also, our complete fiber overlay of the city of Sonora has been warmly received. Many other fiber deployment projects are underway throughout our territory and will continue through the remainder of 2019.

Now Looking Ahead

HCTC’s mission is “to be the premier provider of modern telecommunications and broad- band services throughout our region.” We will continue our aggressive network expansion, bringing fiber optic services to many more cooperative members and extending the reach of our fiber backbone to improve broadband speeds available to members served with traditional copper lines. As always, we will continue to evaluate, test and implement new network technologies that improve the lives of our cooperative members and further enable our business customers to remain competitive in a global economy.

I also believe that what truly differentiates HCTC as a premier service provider is our dedication to our member-owners. I opened this column by referring to you as family. At HCTC, we not only recognize and appreciate that you, our customer, are an owner of this cooperative, but also think of you as part of our cooperative family. In the coming months, you will see a new commitment to a customer service experience that exceeds your expectations. Improved processes will address our overall efficiency in processing service requests while other improvements will simplify your ability to interact with HCTC online. We will focus on your satisfaction with our service delivery — from providing managed Wi-Fi services to reducing the time necessary to upgrade existing services. And we will always do our best to resolve any service issues you may have, the first time.

I am excited about the tremendous opportunities we have at HCTC. Not only is our service territory in one of the most desirable locations of Texas, but this area has also experienced strong growth in recent years with no anticipated slowdown. HCTC is well positioned to meet the ever-increasing demand for broadband. But, we will not just wait for opportunity and growth to knock on our door. We will continue to seek expansion of our deregulated territory in an effort to provide broadband services to areas historically unserved or underserved with broadband.

I am honored to serve you in this new capacity and look forward to working with our employees and board to find new and innovative ways to improve our services and service delivery while providing you customer service that is second to none!

R. Craig Cook