We’ve Arrived in the Future

CRAIG COOK Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to 2020! I sincerely hope you and those close to you had a superb holiday season and that this new year is off to a wonderful start.

Something about beginning not only a new year but also a new decade makes 2020 feel like a year full of promise. For so long, the 2020s have seemed like the distant future. Now, we have arrived!

For those of us at HCTC, it’s rewarding to know our network is what brings the future to our part of Texas. Whether it’s our broadband service at your home or our network providing vital infrastructure to businesses, we’re right at the heart of all of this futuristic technology. We worked hard to make that network and our company even better in 2019. It was certainly a year of meaningful accomplishments and noteworthy milestones.

2019 was one of the most productive years on record at HCTC. We invested nearly $12 million in our engineering and construction activities, deploying an additional 200 miles of fiber and improving the broadband capabilities for our members.

HCTC took a renewed focus on its customer service in 2019. We truly view you as part of the cooperative family! We want to ensure we’re treating you like family in all of our interactions. So, when you come into one of our offices, call us on the phone, or choose to do business with us online, we want your interaction with us to be second to none. We want you to feel as though you are speaking with a family member who just happens to work for the cooperative.

2019 has also seen a focus on providing improved services and pricing. As with our customer service, HCTC prides itself on providing quality services at affordable rates. However, we don’t think that is good enough. That is why you have seen us providing new service offerings, such as our broadband-only service, at extremely competitive rates.

HCTC also began a comprehensive review of our service delivery processes in 2019 in an effort to provide you with the service you want when you want them. This is why we have introduced our “white glove service.” We want to make sure that when you order a service from HCTC that you’re receiving what you ordered. Once the initial installation of your broadband service is complete, one of our technicians will stay with you to make sure that the level of broadband service you’ve ordered is delivered, as well as making sure all of your devices are connecting to your broadband network. We want to make sure that when we leave your home or business that you are completely satisfied with your service.

Turning the page to 2020, HCTC will continue to aggressively invest in construction and the expansion of our broadband network. We understand the importance of broadband in our communities and appreciate the role that we play to deliver this much-needed service to you. In fact, we believe broadband is the lifeblood of our rural communities. At HCTC, we want to make sure all of our members stand on equal footing with their counterparts in larger metropolitan areas. We want to make sure our business customers can compete globally, as we truly are living in a global society. Likewise, we will remain committed to improving our services, pricing, customer service and service delivery to our members