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HCTC - Hill Country Telephone Cooperative

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HCTC Provides Internet and Phone Services for Central Texas

HCTC is the #1 Internet provider, serving 15 counties across 3,000 square miles of rural Texas. Our Internet and phone services have become critical for rural Texans so Texans remain connected to work, education, family, and friends. We are growing rapidly and remain committed to bringing the best technology to our customers.

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About Us

Originally formed in 1951 as Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, a non-profit telephone cooperative, we rebranded the cooperative in 2017 as HCTC because we are way more than just a telephone company. Now, HCTC has a strong, solid reputation as being the most reliable Internet provider in rural, central Texas. Did you know we serve over 13,000 customers across 15 counties and over 3,000 square miles in Texas?

HCTC’s products, services, technology, and commitment to our customers have never been stronger. We continue to invest in technology infrastructure that allows our customers to compete in local and global economies, provides educational opportunities, and supports health care to rural Texans through telemedicine.

Whether it’s broadband or fiber-optic Internet that’s needed – or a simple landline – HCTC is keeping rural Texans connected.