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HCTC offers the live cameras as a service to our communities. Many of the cameras are in remote locations, eco-friendly and running on solar power. No sun, no cameras. To report an outage, please contact us at (830) 367-5333, 1-800-292-5457 or

Who We Are

HCTC is an Internet and phone service company specializing in keeping rural Texans connected. We provide state-of-the-art telecommunications products and services for both homes and businesses. We proudly serve 15 counties across 3,000 square miles of rural Texas including Comfort, Center Point, Leakey, Hunt, Ingram, Kerrville, Junction, Sonora, Mason, Fredericksburg, and other areas across rural, Central Texas. We are a member-owned cooperative and are residents of the communities we serve.

HCTC was recently announced as a winner of the 2020 Smart Rural Community Showcase Award. We have achieved the Smart Rural Community Designation (SRC) by the NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association, through our commitment to providing access to better education opportunities, global access, and local economic growth so our customers can compete in a global economy. We strive to continue connecting our rural communities and providing them with the same, if not better, Internet service than those in more urban areas.

Texas Rural Community Internet and Phone Service

Whether you are working from home or entertaining the family, HCTC’s fiber Internet services are built for speed and can easily handle connections across multiple devices without interruptions. In addition to high-speed Internet, HCTC offers a residential voice service that provides a reliable way to communicate in case of emergency.

Fiber Internet Features

• Symmetrical download/upload speeds
of up to 1 Gbps
• Reliability
• No Data Caps
• No Throttling
• Better Gameplay
• No Installation Fees
• No Contracts*
• No rate hikes after 12 months, like the other guys

Residential Voice Features

• Unlimited Long-Distance Plans
• Telemarketer Call Screening (Say Goodbye to Robocalls)
• Up to Five Calling Features
• Call Waiting
• Caller ID Name, Number
• Call Forwarding
• Call Forwarding Busy
• Call Forwarding No Answer

Businesses require dependable communication systems and services to stay connected to customers and prospects. HCTC offers both high-speed Internet and business phone systems and services so you can continue building and protecting everything that makes your business successful. In addition to phone and Internet services, HCTC offers Networking and IT Solutions to help you build, design, and manage solutions to fit all your networking needs.

*Not applicable to all service areas.

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